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United Way Running Start to School Drive

Friday, July 12, 2019 by Chrissy Misso | Challenge

Hi All!

Did you know the studio is a drop-off location for Running Start?!? (Maybe you've seen the bucket when you've been at the studio...)  We are excited to help the kids in our community and would love if you could help them too!  We have a studio goal of $200.

You can either bring items to the studio or donate online ☺ (you can get an ENTIRE backpack for a child in need for about $16)!  To donate online, go to https://www.roonga.com/chrissysstudio

Thank you, Everyone!


Message from the Olmsted County UW Organiser:

Good morning!

I hope you all had a beautiful 4 th of July. We are on week 5 of our Roonga drive and have exactly 14 days left! We are at 16% of our goal fulfilled.

Keep getting the word out as we have thousands of students who are counting on these backpacks for a successful school year. Thank you to our 53 donors thus far, you all have connected them to an important cause.

Like I said, we have 2 weeks left and over 2,000 supplies still to go, so let’s make these last days count! Thank you for all of your help.

Grace Pesch

Impact Program Manager

United Way of Olmsted County

903 West Center Street Suite 100



Sip & Strum Ukulele

Thursday, May 30, 2019 by Chrissy Misso | ukulele

We wanted to write to let you know about our new partnership with Little Thistle Brewing for Sip & Strum classes (for adults!) over the summer!

Join us for an afternoon! 🍻 🎶 🎸 Learn to play a couple songs on the ukulele and have a couple drinks! 🎸 🎵 🍻

$40/person, includes:

  • 2 drinks (up to $5 each; gratuity NOT included) 🍻
  • lead sheets to the songs we will learn 🎶
  • Step-by-step guide to the chords and strums 🎸
  • Spaces Limited, reservations STRONGLY encouraged
  • $45 at the door; bring your own uke or reserve one for $5/class

We have five Sundays (3-5p) set up with set songs to learn; you can pick one or come to all five!

  • June 16 - The Lion Sleeps Tonight & One Call away
  • June 30 - Stand by Me & I’m Yours
  • July 14 - Feelin’ Groovy, Hound Dog, & [A Mystery Song]
  • July 28 - Island Night with How Far I’ll Go & Lava
  • August 18 - Greatest Showman Night with Never Enough and A Million Dreams

Bring your friends, come alone to meet new people...it’s up to you how your enjoy your sipping and strumming!

To register, please visit bit.ly/SipNStrumRST



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Studio Classes were a success!!

Friday, December 21, 2018 by Chrissy Misso | performing

It’s December, which means HOLIDAY MUSIC!  We had two groups of students perform at Madonna Towers this month - we received lots of thanks and compliments from parents and Madonna Towers residents!

Fran (Madonna Towers employee) said she was “very impressed by [the] students and surprised that several of them have only been playing for a few months...even those playing for a few years were amazing”!  Many of the residents thanked us for visiting them with our music and hope we come again.

We tried out some new performance styles too...a piano trio, Chrissy singing with ukulele back-up, students helped each other with some stage fright (& some parents helping kiddos play), and Madonna Towers residents got to sing-a-long.

Here are some pictures from our musical outreach:

  Sophie playing Sing We Now of Christmas on the piano.  Leen & Chrissy play a duet of Up on the Housetop.

Meredith was brave and went first on Wednesday, playing Hark the Herald and O Come All Ye Faithful on her violin. Graham, Abby, and Chrissy are “Jingle Bell Rock”-ing away in a piano trio!

Paige sang “Let It Be Christmas” with Chrissy as accompaniment.  Tutti (everyone) did well!  Thanks Mr. Peterman.  Comments from Mr. Peterman on Thursday

Frankie convinced Sophia to get up there on her ukulele while Frankie provided the vocals. Emily needed some help from Mom getting started on Jolly Old St Nicholas on the piano.

Gavin & Chrissy did a duet of I Saw Three Ship - - the music was too big for the stand so Angie came up to help!  Chrissy, Angie, Jill, & Gary got out the ukes, sleigh bells, and maracas for Felix Navidad and Silver Bells.

Caring for Wooden Instruments in the Winter

Friday, November 30, 2018 by Chrissy Misso | Instrument Care

We have several violin, ukulele, and violas sitting around and so do some of our students!  Here are some things we need to remember as the weather gets COLD! ⛄️ 🥶

Here in Minnesota, the inside air is typically dry during winter, which causes our string instruments to dry out.  This drying out is most noticeable on bowed strings with tuning—did you notice your instrument is usually flat?—but all wooden based instruments can experience cracking.  Some cracks can be repaired (like those along seems), but others are not (like a crack under your tail piece).

Here are some prevention tips (erm...requirements!):  
1. Do NOT leave your instrument in the car  
2. Do NOT store your instrument near the heater or vents where the air humidity is especially low.  
3. Get a humidifier.

  • There are some that fit in your instrument through the f-hole of the violin/violin, ones that balance between the strings of the ukulele/guitar, and others that can sit or attach inside your case.
  • Humidifiers inside the instrument should be checked at least every 3 days, more often whe the outside temperature drops below 15-20 degrees F (more heat is used = more dry air)
  • Case humidifiers should be checked about every 5-7 days, depending on size, and more frequently when the outside temperature drops as above
  • We have included links to some of our favourites below.
4. Make sure your case is properly closed - no gaps!  

Feel free to send any questions our way!


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