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Delve deeper into your love of music!  We’ll teach you how!  Use music to express yourself by learning piano, violin/viola, ukulele, or voice.

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We aim to make music learning fun but productive, silly and serious, old-school but with technology, and beneficial to everyone’s adventures outside of music (there is research about this!).  We welcome students age 4 to adult of any skill level as long as they will play at home! (Minimum 15 min, 5 days a week)


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  Some things you might want to know:

Private Lessons

  • There is a 24hr cancellation period for private lessons; to discontinue lessons, a paid 30 day notice is required (you may decide whether you will have those lessons or not).
  • We have a required studio/master class two times a year. This is for students to get together and practice playing in front of others as well as receive feedback from someone besides their teacher.
  • We use a combination of books and technology to help students learn their instruments; many times, the apps we use are part of their practice requirement.
    Group Lessons
  • Think of group lessons as a membership; if you miss, you miss and don’t get refund.  We will try to help you find a substitute group if you know ahead of time that you’ll be gone. 

ALL Lessons

  • Students MUST practice - this is not a studio for those who are not committed to playing at home outside of lessons.  We have practice challenges a few times each year, which can lead to rewards for certain achievements.

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