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Music + Science = History

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 by Chrissy Misso | STEAM

Who hasn't taken a sea shell and held it up to their ear in hopes of hearing the ocean?  Who hasn't hunted for that perfect shell?

How about making an instrument with a shell?

What instrument can you think of that would work?

Prehistoric humans made a horn from a conch shell . . . and someone FINALLY tried playing it even though it was discovered (in France) about 90 years ago.  The musician was able to play 3 chromatic notes (equivalent to C, C#/Db, & D)!!

There have been other prehistoric instruments found over the years, nor the oldest, but it is unique --most have been flutes and percussion instruments!

Cool, huh??

Check out this story from NPR to learn more!

Science + Music: The Elements

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 by Chrissy Misso | STEAM

Did you know that sand, salt, fire, water, and more respond to music too!!

Check out the videos in the JoyTunes blog: http://blog.joytunes.com/music-fun/elements-react-music/?utm_source=Blog&utm_medium=FB&utm_campaign=musicelements


Doctor Music

Monday, January 11, 2016 by Chrissy Misso | STEAM

Mya from JoyTunes wrote a lovely article about the benefits of music for your health!  Did you ever think you could be healthier just because you play an insstrument?!?

Check it out: http://blog.joytunes.com/learn-to-play/music-how-playing-an-instrument-keeps-the-doctor-away/


Happy Birthday, Beethoven!!

Thursday, December 17, 2015 by Chrissy Misso | STEAM

Take a look at this TED-Ed Talk about the math behind Beethoven's greatest works!



GOOGLE is celebrating too! https://www.google.com/doodles/celebrating-ludwig-van-beethovens-245th-year