Piano is usually the instrument people think about taking as a kid...but we don't do those boring lessons with the super-strict teachers that many people remember!  We aim to have fun and have changed to focusing more on playing first and learning the finer details along the way!


       Children (Spring Kindergarteners and up) can experience music before learning all the nuts and bolts, and group and station lessons can help foster this!

  • Students get an HOUR of piano every week!
    • Parents can drop kids off and have a little more time now to take a break or run errands while their students get more hands on time with a keyboard and learn and retain more each week.
  • Students get the team feel of being in a group setting with the benefits of private lessons.  Most weeks look like this:
    • 20min One-on-One lesson with Chrissy
    • 20min Piano Maestro Guided Practice
    • 20min Theory and Ear Training work
  • All beginning students will start in a group class, learning together for the first 6-8 weeks, and, then, evolve into station lessons.


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Hazel has the Wunderbies all on the correct fingers—all by herself!!    Emily has finished her first WunderKeys book!

Preschoolers and (Fall) Kindergarterners start with individual or buddy lessons using WunderKeys and Piano Pronto Roadtrip!  

  • Students learn:
    • musical concepts
    • develop their fine motor skills
    • and have fun!  
  • After they complete the WunderKeys Preschool series, which typically takes 8-12 months, Kindergartners can go right into station lessons (and take their Piano Pronto book to the next level) or stay until they reach 1st grade!

Maddie finished her Piano Pronto Roadtrip book!    Hazel is showing off her good piano posture! 

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Miss A. passed her first book, less than 3 months into lessons.   

Piano lessons are paid month by month (unless you sign up for one of our 8-week beginner classes), but a $75 is due at registration.

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"Thanks again, Chrissy, for another great recital!" - S.H.  Bryson and Logan came back for smiley photos after the super-concentrating faces during the recital.  "We love you, Miss Chrissy!" - the Twins (picture collage courtesy of S.H.)

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Want to know more about the history of the studio and Chrissy, visit this page.