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United Way Running Start to School Drive

Friday, July 12, 2019 by Chrissy Misso | Challenge

Hi All!

Did you know the studio is a drop-off location for Running Start?!? (Maybe you've seen the bucket when you've been at the studio...)  We are excited to help the kids in our community and would love if you could help them too!  We have a studio goal of $200.

You can either bring items to the studio or donate online ☺ (you can get an ENTIRE backpack for a child in need for about $16)!  To donate online, go to https://www.roonga.com/chrissysstudio

Thank you, Everyone!


Message from the Olmsted County UW Organiser:

Good morning!

I hope you all had a beautiful 4 th of July. We are on week 5 of our Roonga drive and have exactly 14 days left! We are at 16% of our goal fulfilled.

Keep getting the word out as we have thousands of students who are counting on these backpacks for a successful school year. Thank you to our 53 donors thus far, you all have connected them to an important cause.

Like I said, we have 2 weeks left and over 2,000 supplies still to go, so let’s make these last days count! Thank you for all of your help.

Grace Pesch

Impact Program Manager

United Way of Olmsted County

903 West Center Street Suite 100



Summer Incentive: Road Trip Bingo

Monday, June 12, 2017 by Chrissy Misso | Challenge

Information & Rules

  1. We are playing BLACKOUT bingo – that means you need to cover ALL of the squares.  Once you complete a bingo square, you will cover it with a sticker.
  2. Two of the challenges require and four others can use Piano Maestro, and, therefore, some do not need to be completed at lessons but can be done during the practice week.  Ask Chrissy for specifics!
  3. Paper/Worksheets for the writing assignments will be provided.
  4. Challenge Dates: June 12-September 2, 2017
  5. Completing the BLACKOUT will earn you a special prize the first week of September; there is also a bonus

Bonus Challenges

You can complete all of the bonus challenges for an extra prize or do a substitute for one of the bingo squares

  • Perform 3 songs in a public venue (ideas: Gonda Subway, take an electronic keyboard somewhere, St. Mary’s Atrium, a piano you find somewhere on vacation) – need photographic evidence!
  • Learn a piano duet with someone (not Chrissy!) – you may ask Chrissy for ideas/music, need to perform for Chrissy or take a video
  • Make a composer profile (research!) including birth and death (if applicable) dates, their major accomplishments, some information about their family, and your favourite piece by that composer why you chose them.
  • Attend a musical event (concert, musical play) and make a journal entry about it (you may do a picture collage—if pictures are allowed!, write a review—how did they do?, or write about your personal response)
  • A super fun idea of your own (needs approval)

HAVE FUN!!! ♮chrissy

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Valentine's Practice Challenge

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 by Chrissy Misso | Challenge

Is everyone ready for this challenge?!?  (you guys didn't do so well in December!!)

You have two weeks to PRACTICE practice PRACTICE!!  You MUST log (record in your notebook) your practice time to get the stickers for the challenge chart, and you MUST finish the chart to get the prize.

...There may be a bonus for the person who get the most stickers (for those who go OVER the needed 20!!)!!!!


Tuesday, June 21, 2016 by Chrissy Misso | Challenge

Summer is here again!!  This is what is on this year's docket:

Piano Maestro Summer Camp!
  • Chrissy’s Studio:
    • Running from June 21 st to September 5 th , 2016, whoever earns the most stars on Piano Maestro will get a special gift!
    • Please give priority to your home challenges!
  • JoyTunes Sponsored:
    • During the month of July, a new song will be released each week, if you earn three (3) stars on the song, you will be entered in the JoyTunes drawing for a prize
    • In PM, go to the library, songs, type, and select Summer Camp (there will likely be some “leftovers” from last year’s)
Summer Practice Challenge!
  • For every 10 minutes you put on your practice chart, you will get to colour in one square
  • There is a key at the top of each page – cross off boxes as you colour them in
  • You have until our last SUMMER lesson to finish! (by 9/2/16)
  • Finish both pictures, and you get a bonus too!