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Caring for Wooden Instruments in the Winter

Friday, November 30, 2018 by Chrissy Misso | Instrument Care

We have several violin, ukulele, and violas sitting around and so do some of our students!  Here are some things we need to remember as the weather gets COLD! ⛄️ 🥶

Here in Minnesota, the inside air is typically dry during winter, which causes our string instruments to dry out.  This drying out is most noticeable on bowed strings with tuning—did you notice your instrument is usually flat?—but all wooden based instruments can experience cracking.  Some cracks can be repaired (like those along seems), but others are not (like a crack under your tail piece).

Here are some prevention tips (erm...requirements!):  
1. Do NOT leave your instrument in the car  
2. Do NOT store your instrument near the heater or vents where the air humidity is especially low.  
3. Get a humidifier.

  • There are some that fit in your instrument through the f-hole of the violin/violin, ones that balance between the strings of the ukulele/guitar, and others that can sit or attach inside your case.
  • Humidifiers inside the instrument should be checked at least every 3 days, more often whe the outside temperature drops below 15-20 degrees F (more heat is used = more dry air)
  • Case humidifiers should be checked about every 5-7 days, depending on size, and more frequently when the outside temperature drops as above
  • We have included links to some of our favourites below.
4. Make sure your case is properly closed - no gaps! 

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